Value Of A Domain

CONSIDER THIS CALCULATION:  Imagine that you invested $10,000 into a Quality Domain – because a domain name has an exclusive property value, consider its invesment over a 10 year period of time: that is only $1,000 per year in actual cost. This is less than $100 per month or less than $2 and 75 cents per day.

Considered in the totality of an advertising and communications budget, this is almost neglectable. And yet, a quality domain name is the base core element to be able to launch a website. And so far, quality DOT COM domain names do nothing but increase in value, month after month. So, this is an very small advertising investment which keeps increasing in value, and in no time, has paid for itself. But above all, instead of purely being a marketing expense(since a quality domain has a very strong marketing impact), it is a resellable investment.

When could we over resell to someone else the expense of an advertising campaign, after it was used and spent? That makes investing into a quality domain name an essential consideration.

The last domain we purchased for an investment was

Since we own ourselves all of our domains they have all been carefully selected as high target and valuable investment property.

We can complete the transfer process faster than any other 3rd party broker. With your full cooperation it is generally done in within 72 hours.When you buy a Quality Domain, you pay for more than just a name…“A Quality Domain must look good, and above all SOUND good. It is best to be very descriptive of your products and/or your services, combined perhaps with a unique quality about them. And it is always best to combine words that are easy to remember. In terms of value and recognition, DOT COM was, is and will be the number 1” 

Dr. Lieven P. Van Neste, President –